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Overview of Trust & College

SVET Campus encloses within its cloisters a rich cultural legacy of a century. Here, within its four high walls, the soil smells fresh with the fragrance of memories of the bygone times when learning began to put its footprints into the ever widening horizon of new thoughts and knowledge. 

SVET Colleges established in the year of 2008 with the objective of providing an ideal and creative learning environment and continuing the tradition of excellence in education.

With the advent of the era of self-financing educational institutions, SVET took a pioneering role by offering programmes in several disciplines such as Business Management & Administration, Science, Computer Technology & Commerce, Education, etc.,

With the establishment of the SVET Trust, it is all poised to introduce programmes, design their course structure, curriculum management, student development activities, etc., as per University and Corporate standards.



I have great pleasure to welcome you to our SVET Campus. It is a gateway to a rewarding career in the present-day competitive global market place. SVET campus enjoys  widely recognized administrative and academic tradition of excellence bench-marked by our Management. Such a holistic formation is sure to lead to an experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life, leading to your transformation from a novice to an accomplished professional.


To keep pace with the dynamically changing world, SVET stands as a beacon providing unbounded access to information that can be transformed into comprehensive and indispensable knowledge. Every person is a unique creation of nature, his special qualities blossom up when he gets proper nurturing, mentoring and training. 

Objectives of the College

·      To promote the highest standards of research and education and to be a superior leader in [our] areas of specialization;

·      To make the campus reach out to the world so that our students, whether studying onshore or offshore, experience a unique education with a distinctive SVET flavour, and to help our academic community engage in knowledge-sharing with scholars and researchers from all parts of the globe.

·      To build the College's reputation as HNGU's defining college by contributing to the understanding of, and innovative responses to, social, economic, cultural and environmental issues;

·      To provide the best possible working and learning environment for [our] staff and students.


·         To strive to provide and promote quality education and training in multiple verticals by leveraging a structured mix of scholarship with professionalism.

·         The college believes that its first responsibility is to the students, staff, alumni and all other stakeholders.

·         To commit to develop a system that focuses on the head, heart and hands within an intensive teaching, learning and research environment that streams through our code of conduct.

·         To put a strong emphasis on enhancement of skill-sets which are practically relevant with an uncompromising orientation towards quality in whatever the college does?


·         To create value through economic, social and environmental developments whilst being a good education provider in a manner that is nationally entrenched, regionally recognised and globally relevant.

·         To foster a culture wherein original ideas are generated through a strong accent on innovation, inquiry, scholarship, creativity and research.

·         To develop a leadership which is capable, compassionate, conscious and committed to the common good.

·      To provide the best possible working and learning environment for [our] staff and students.

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